Who is The Night Stalker

 In just fourteen months, Richard Ramirez was caught responsible for fourteen killings. He broke into the homes of the residents of Los Angeles, stole from them, killing them out of his way, and generally terrorizing the poor citizens.

 When the media named him the night stalker, he could introduce himself, just as that, before killing the victims.

 His Early Life

  Being the youngest out of a family of 5 children, Ramirez was born on a leap day, but that seemed not to bring him any luck.  When he was little, a dresser fell on him, and it resulted in over thirty stitches in his body.

 While he was six, the little boy got knocked by a swing at a playground, until he was unconscious.  The swing injury resulted in epileptic seizures, which he suffered until his teenage life.

  Known as the serial killer, a night stalker and a rapist, Richard Ramirez operated between Los Angeles and San Francisco. He was among the most glutinous killers in the history of U.S. his cousin, Mike, was an ex- green beret, and a Vietnam veteran.

   Richard Ramirez started gaining interest in brutality when mike once shared with him some pictures of human torture and rape. From then, they spent most of their time together, conversing about war, and smoking.

 After a series of that, mike’s wife raised the issue of mike’s laziness, and guess what mike’s reaction was? He shot her right in her face. The deepest part is that he shot her right in front of Richard.

 Satanism, Drugs, and Candy

  By the time Richard as eighteen, he was a chronic candy eater and a habitual drug user.  That resulted in his halitosis condition, and tooth decay.  Within no time, he also developed into a satanic worshipper, which resulted in a satanic persona, and poor appearance.

 Ramirez then moved to southern California, after several theft and drug charges.  Through his burglarizing theft, he one day found himself in a more evil ordeal.  He bumped into Jennie Vincow’s (a 79-year-old lady) residence, and after finding nothing to steal, he was angry, resolved in stubbing the old lady.

 In the process, he was aroused sexually by the act of killing, and that is when he had sex with the corpse.

 Savored Memories Fade

 For eight good months, Ramirez was silent, but the memories he had left after killing were dry. He thought he needed more, so he went for it.  Outside her condo, a twenty-two-year-old lady, Angela barrio was a victim.  He kicked her out of the way, after shooting her, and quickly led into her room.

 In the room, was Angela’s roommate, Dayle Okazaki, a thirty-three-year-old, whom Ramirez immediately shot dead?  Angela’s survival was pure luck, as the bullet had gone off the keys she had in her hands.

 As if that was not enough, he went to a Monterey Park, an hour after he killed Okazaki. There, he pulled a thirty-year-old lady namely Tsai-Lian-Yu, out of her car, to the road, and shot several bullets toward her, then fled away.

 You must be thinking that his thirst was now quenched-right? Oh no!  three days after that incident, he went ahead and killed an eight-year-old girl from eagle rock.

 The Night Stalker Kills in Burbank

 Richard Ramirez continued his horror reign unchecked.  Carole was the next victim.  She was forty-two years old and had a son aged eleven. During the break-in time, the son was home. He handcuffed both the mother and son and got the freedom to search for any valuables in the house.

 When he failed to point out any valuables, he released the woman and forced her to tell him where the valuables were hidden.  He then raped Carole repeatedly and ordered her not to look at him, lest he cut off her eyes.  Although both Carole and the son survived the attack, it was a major trauma to them.

 After the attack, Ramirez tied up the mother and son together, and flew. The night stalker knew no bounds.  Other than killing in Monterey Park, he also killed in sierra Madre and again in arcadia.  The attack in the Sierra Madre was when he beat a sixteen-year-old girl, Whitney Bennett, with an iron tire, only after the search for a knife, but in vain.

 He ended up strangling the girl using a telephone cord, only for the cord to emit sparks, and that is when the satanic Richard felt so scared, as he thought it could be God showing up.  He then fled away from the home.

 Bennett suffered more than four hundred stitches on her body, even though she survived.

 As if the man did not care much about the shreds of evidence he could be leaving behind, he sneaker kicked a sixty-one-year-old Lucille, leaving a sneaker print on her face.   He thereafter beat her with fists to death.

 More Los Angeles Killings

 Even as the rein of his terror continued across the Los Angeles area, the night stalker didn’t see to stop anytime.  However, in the mid-august the year nineteen eighty-five, he saw news covered off most of the crimes he committed, and therefore was aware that he was being hunted.

 In a trial to evade the search, Ramirez fled to San Francisco.  While in San Francisco, he could not yet resist his acts. He attacked Barbara and peter pan’s home, where he shot Peter in the head, and raped and murdered Barbara.

 Before leaving there premise, Richard scrawled a pentagram on Barbara’s wall and also scrawled the phrase” jack the knife” using Barbara’s lipstick. 

 If you thought he was extra courageous, you might be wrong. Because after he watched the Avia sneakers evidence, he dropped them over the golden gate bridge sides, therefore destroying the evidence.

 Were his nerves rattled by the news coverage, or was he just exhausted by the rate at which he was doing evil? Either way, he did not stop. He began taking bigger risks and leaving behind more evidence for his crimes.

  In Mission Viejo, in the year nineteen eighty-five, Richard attempted to break into Ramero’s home, when the family was just home, from a nice vacation.  Luckily, their thirteen-year-old boy was awake, and tried scaring him away, and gathering evidence.

 Thanks to the young boy’s intelligence, as the police were informed on time, and they were able to get the make of the car Ramirez was driving, the number plate, the model,  and color.  Back in his mind, the boy had no idea the kind of satanic thief and killer he had chased away.

 Little did he know that he saved his family, as he thought of him being a mere thief?  After this attack, Richard Ramirez made his final attack, at the home of Inez Erickson and Bill Cams just near are in Mission Viejo.

 As usual, he first attacked the man and then terrorized the woman. He made Mrs. Erickson swear on Satan and raped him. Before that, he announced to her that he was the night stalker.

 He took with him some valuables and fled the home. After that, Mrs. Inez was able to call for help upon bill cams. By allowing the survival of both victims, Ramirez earned the investigation, as Inez described him, and helped the detectives in forming a better picture of him

 Capturing the Knight Stalker

Apart from the picture drawn from Inez’s description, one fingerprint was also found from a vehicle, stolen by Ramirez, in Wilshire center. Do you remember about the avid sneaker’s print evidence? It was added to that too.

 A mug shot of Richard Ramirez was then released to the public, after the hold of a press conference by the detectives.  They announced to him that they now know who he is and that everyone will soon know him as well.

 They made it clear, that there will be nowhere for him to hide anymore.  The detectives did as much as staking out local bus stations, to catch Richard Ramirez.  On anoe3 occasion, when he realized that the police had spotted him, he hid behind an elder woman, who was Hispanic and declared himself a killer. In the process to fled out, he carjacked two different people.  At a point, he got surrounded by a crowd of bystanders, who beat him up, and held him until police arrived and arrested him.

 The Richard Ramirez Trial

 As stubborn as he was, Richard Ramirez brought up chaos in the court proceedings during his trial.  He showed up in court on twenty-second July the year nineteen eighty-eight, with a hand-drawn a pentagram, and yelled the word ‘hail Satan” in front of the crowd in the courtroom.

 The Los Angeles time not long reported an incident of Ramirez’s plan to smuggle a gun in the court, to kill the prosecutor.  This called to a metal detector being installed at the entrance of the courtroom.

 In the history of California, Richard Ramirez, the night stalker, had the most expensive trial, which was five counts of attempted murder, thirteen counts of murder, and eleven counts of sexual assaults. He, therefore, was sentenced for death, in the gas chamber, on seventh of November the year nineteen eighty-nine.

 It is said that, when he was handed a death sentence, Richard Ramirez quoted “Big deal. Death always went with a territory. See you at Disneyland”.  His trial cost California over 1.8 $million.

 The Night Stalker Found Love

  , oiliness in prison was not Richard’s portion, as more women, who suffered from hybristophilia came up and confessed their love towards the skeleton looking and big-eyed man. They queued and waited to be given a chance to love the serial killer.

 Right after the arrest of Ramirez, a certain woman, known as Doreen Loy, started writing letters to him. She wrote as many letters as more than seventy.  In the year nineteen eighty eight, Doreen Loy and Richard Ramirez were engaged, and married on third October, in the year nineteen ninety-six.

 Loy was captured claiming that she would kill herself, as soon as Richard will be sentenced to death. Unluckily or luckily, they separated, and Loy could not make her promises pass.

 His Long Teeth Replaced?

 From his long stay in prison, Ramirez benefited a lot as well. His teeth started showing up the effects of the long-used drugs. They looked so ugly and scary.  The California taxpayers, after his arrest, decided to replace his decayed teeth.

 However, the new, improved teeth could not still improve his dental appearance.

 His Death

  Even though his sentence was dictated, Ramirez did not face the death chamber.  He died of some B-cell lymphoma complications, after twenty there years on death row.  From years of drug use and alcoholism, it was evident that the effects were now showing up.

 The truth is that he could have faced twenty more years on death row before getting into the death chamber, due to California’s long appeal process.

 The Bottom Line

  The terror reign of Richard Ramirez across southern California was between the year nineteen eighty-four June, to august nineteen eighty-five.  Within those fourteen months, the night stalker had killed thirteen, attempted murder on five, and assaulted eleven women sexually.

 Also, he had burglarized 14 homes.  The people in California suffered trauma, and fear from the attacks by the serial killer.  When he was arrested, he cost so much amount of money to the taxpayers, than anyone in the history of California.

  When he was in jail, he was lucky to have female admirers, and even managed to marry one, though they separated thereafter.  His teeth written teeth too were exchanged with brand new and the California taxpayers’ state suffered the bill.

 His character to mercilessly kill, rape and worship Satan, has since put him in a place in history, among the most violent prolific serial killers of our time.

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