Are you an avid user of today’s dating apps? Or perhaps you dream to be a contestant in a dating game show on TV? If your answer is yes, WHY?

One of the few reasons why one engages in dating activities such as dating games on TV or using dating apps is the excitement they get that is typically described as likened to that euphoric state you have when someone you like, likes you more. And the young ones are often trapped to get addicted in this kind of game, as with their age comes the period of developing their sense of affirmation and identity. And through these dating activities, they get that kind of satisfaction.

Your Killer is hitting on you! And you don’t know it…

So you see a good looking face candidate on your dating app, and like a knight in shining armor, you start dreaming this one is going to be the prince who will fill your fantasies and dreams of a true love story and everything in between. And what a joy you have inside your heart when this good looking man matches just as what you have been looking for in a man’s character, then suddenly your world stops, you’ve got a message! And it’s from this man. Apparently this is how it’s going to start.

A person with the motives to kill or harm you at most displays or shows things that attracts your weaknesses. They tell you words you endearingly wanted to hear, they lure you in to your fantasies and continues to blind your eyes from what is real, and because they are masters of this art, they can convince you to go all in, until you just can’t get away and find yourself trapped in a helpless fate, a deadly scene.


Do you have an idea about the dating game aired by ABC channel in the year 1978? This is very interesting for you who love “dating games”. One time, in an episode of the longest running game show that lasted 20 years on ABC Channel called “The Dating Game” show, a man named Rodney Alcala was one of the bachelor candidates vying to win the heart of a lovely contestant named Cheryl Bradshaw. He was introduced impressively by the host, Jim Lange as;

“Bachelor No. 1 is a successful photographer who got his start when his father found him in the dark room at the age of 13, fully developed.”

“Between takes you might find him skydiving or motor-cycling. Please welcome Rodney Alcala.”

WOW! Sounds interesting right? Mr. Alcala appears to be good looking as well and used his charms to eventually win the game. Unknowingly, the Dating Game Show staffs might have overlooked that this guy, Mr. Alcala had been pressed with criminal charges years before he joined the show. He even got listed on FBI’s Top 10 Most Wanted Fugitives at that time, but still managed to flaunt his wanted good looks on The Dating Game Show and won! Amazing isn’t it? Some of Mr. Alcala’s record shows rape and murder cases that led him to flee from one state to the other such as in California, Washington, New York, and Wyoming where he did not fail to commit a repetitive crime in murdering women in all four States mentioned. Do you wonder how this man gets to roam around and continuously do his serial killings? Let’s get to know more about our “ACTOR” on the spotlight!


Rodney James Alcala a.k.a “The Dating Game Killer”, a label implicated to him for appearing on the “Dating Game Show” in 1978. He was born in August 23, 1943 as Rodrigo Jacques Alcala Buquor from San Antonio, Texas. He also used the name “John Berger” as his alias to evade warrants of his arrest and also used this name when he enrolled in NYU film school, which later turned slightly into “John Burger” as he performs his job in counseling at New Hampshire arts camp for children. Did you notice at this point? That a killer has multiple names, and that they do not actually reveal their true identity. The most common and easiest among the techniques used by criminals to run from the charges made for their crimes, is to change names as often as needed.

As the story goes, Mr. Alcala in his younger years, together with his parents, two sisters and a brother moved to Mexico in 1951. Three years after, the mother with Mr. Alcala and his siblings moved to a sub-urban Los Angeles the city known as the “Gang Capital of America” after being abandoned by the father. As you can see the plotting of Mr. Alcala’s environment, He may have a hard time growing up leading him to drop out school in his teenage years and enter the US ARMY and worked as a clerk. In his early 20’s, Mr. Alcala was diagnosed by a military psychiatrist to have an antisocial personality disorder after being observed to have a nervous breakdown for unknown reasons, and incurred absences from his work which lead him to go back at his mother’s house. Mr. Alcala was also diagnosed with other psychiatric disorders by experts on this field during his trials and as quoted these are the findings included “narcissistic personality, borderline personality disorder, and (from homicide expert Vernon J. Gerbeth) malignant narcissistic personality disorder with psychopathy and sexual sadism comorbidities.”

Indeed, no man in his sanity could do such a crime as Mr. Alcala has in his records. But you might wonder how Mr. Alcala got these psychological disorders at such an early age. I do too, and so I have listed here some possible causes;

1. Abandonment by a Parent

                      – One of the major causes linked by psychologists as to why a man/woman becomes a criminal in their adulthood stage is because of the absence of their father or mother (the parent) at their younger life. The parents in our societal setting are known to be the authority that molds their children into becoming a responsible person with all the good values instilled in their child’s behavior towards their fellowmen and the society. In Mr. Alcala’s case, he was abandoned at the age of 11. So young that his mind may not absorbed such kind of trauma. We may also assume that her mother may have gone to work each day, and have him do an unguided responsibility towards his own siblings, leading him into a state of perhaps being a teenage-rebel boy, and at the time he entered the US Military and as we know by fact that this environmental setting entails a higher form of discipline in work. Mr. Alcala, unknown to the principles of authority which was absent in his family as he grows older, thus had his nervous breakdown. If I am making sense, even you can feel tormented if you were not trained to follow rules, and training of this kind starts at home.

2. Societal Environment and Setting

 Another factor that could lead a person into committing repetitive crimes and be diagnosed which psychological disorders as what Mr. Alcala has, is the environmental setting of the society where a person lives. Los Angeles, being one of the most populated State in America and is home to thousands of Gangsters, surely isn’t a good environment setting to grow up with for kids like Mr. Alcala who even has a broken family at that time. This environment Mr. Alcala has in his youth is considered to be an aggressive community and this “aggressiveness” may have contributed to the formation of Mr. Alcala’s way of thinking as he evolves from being a fatherless teenager into an irresponsible adult.

3. Genetically Inherited

                      – Most psychological disorders are reported by medical experts to be inherited upon conception and only manifests at most during adulthood. In the case of Mr. Alcala, it may be evident that his antisocial personality disorder (as characterized by having less conscience, irresponsibility, lack of intimacy and among all other definitions) is a condition he may have inherited from his father who had abandoned them in his and his sibling’s younger age. And so there goes the saying “Trees bear its own fruits.”

                      On account, Mr. Alcala committed more than 15 cases of murder, and many other unrecorded local crimes is allegedly suspected his doings. Investigations keep going with the evidences collected by authorities, including the collection of obscene and sexually implicit photos of women and minor kids who are thought to be his victims as well. From his first crime recorded in 1968 at age 25, only in 2013 at his 70’s that he pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 25 years of life imprisonment for the murder of Cornellia Crilley and Ellen Hover. Is the justice system may have worked slowly or maybe, and just maybe because Mr. Alcala was good enough to act and deny his crimes that authorities gave evidences at their hands a second doubt?

                      After 2013 trial and conviction, Mr. Alcala has subsequently been under continuous investigation on his 120 photographs posted by Huntington Beach and New York Police Departments in March 2010 in hopes that the public could help identify the women and children in the photos and lead to charging Mr. Alcala more of this crime including 900 more photographs that could not be made public for its obscenity. The latest reported crime charged to Mr. Alcala was in 2016, for the murder of a 28-year-old Christine Ruth Thornton who was reported missing in 1977. Really in his own form of art, Mr. Alcala is a “Professional Photographer” of his own victims.

Other Infamous Reported Serial Killers You may want to know about.

Jeffrey Dahmer
John Gacey
Luis Garavito

Richard ramirez
Gary Ridgway
Ted Bundy


                      You may not know, but some of the traits the dating game killer and these other serial killers have in common may include the following;

1. Good Looks – It is natural for a person to easily get attracted with good looking people, and these serial killers uses their beautifully crafted faces and appeal to establish a holding ground to gain your trust.

2. Charm – is the ability of a person to sway you into liking or adoring him/her that as if you are bewildered and captivated by a magical force that you cannot explain.

3. Intelligence – This character for sure is one of the greatest asset serial killers have, they plot, plan, and execute their crimes in a sophisticated manner that even the most intelligent crime investigators are puzzled and are getting real hard time solving their cases.

4. Artistic – Serial Killers have their own creativeness that they apply to spice up their killing and satisfy more their desires. Others may want to sexually abuse their victims at first, then hurting them slowly leaving them catching breathes, and then release them to run and finally kill them in sadistic ways. Just like on the movies of morbidity and suspense, serial killers have these drives to make their killings in such kind of art.

5. Great Pretenders – we already know this, how could these serial killers’ cases on court end up in decades before they are being sentenced and imprisoned to death? Of course! They are masters of denial, full of lies and deceit that even they at times will not believe they killed somebody. They are actually the reason why the saying goes “keep lying until you believe your own lies” ever surfaced in the world.

6. Unsatisfied – an Individual who are unsatisfied in their younger years as explained by many psychologists, tends to manifest behavioral problems in their later years specially during adulthood that develops in a psychiatric disorder resulting in the formation of harmful activities that are repeatedly performed to get that satisfaction they are looking for.

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