True Crime Documentaries

If you’ve stumbled your way into reaching this page, I think it’s safe to say that we both keep our eyes open for the best true crime documentaries to be released.

If not, either run as fast as you can now, or prepare to be sucked into a world of crime, obsession, and mental distortion of epic proportions.

The documentaries we were forced to watch in school steered some of us away from absorbing information that way. Until we realized that the style of presentation wasn’t the problem. It was the subject of the documentary that turned us away.

Best True Crime Documentaries

Netflix’s Making A Murderer¬†docu-series really put true crime on the map for the rest of the general population. Before it’s release, if you brought up anything remotely related to the subject matter being portrayed, you were looked at as a sadistic freak who must have something wrong with him.

There will be absolutely zero judgement here when it comes to having an insatiable interest for learning about what makes a killer tick and why some people snap.

All I ask of you is that you stay actively engaged and feel free to express any questions or comments as they arise.

Let’s explore The Darker Side of Humanity together.