The Real Texas Chainsaw Massacre – Netflix

The Real Texas Chainsaw Massacre Netflix

To start off with a full disclaimer, this is not a documentary about Ed Gein. The Real Texas Chainsaw Massacre on Netflix is a documentary about a man named Robert Elmer Kleasen. The only similarities I can see between this doc and the famous Texas Chainsaw movies, was that Kleasen also lived in Texas.

The True Inspiration of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre?

I’m honestly not to sure why the documentarians decided to go with such a misleading title.

Some have wrongfully cited the murders committed by Robert Elmer Kleasen as the source of inspiration for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies.

The true inspiration behind those movies will be a different topic on a different page.

Some Background on Robert Elmer Kleasen

Robert Kleasen was a man who had spent time in a mental institution for a shooting that occurred at a hospital where he was taken to because he had stepped on a rusty nail.

He had also been arrested for shooting a man’s toe after getting into a verbal argument over who knows what.

Throughout the documentary, you will discover that Kleasen didn’t seem very stable at all, especially after the people around him started to get to know him a little bit better.

Joining The LDS Church

Kleasen joined the LDS church while he was in Texas and former church associates of his are on camera explaining how he would tell stories from his past that seemed believable, at the time anyways.

He would boast about how he had been a Medal of Honor recipient, a former CIA hitman, and a whole slew of other major, exciting accomplishments.

The Real Texas Chainsaw Massacre Netflix

The two known murders that he committed in Texas were that of two LDS missionaries that would visit his house on a weekly basis.

It’s an extremely unfortunate series of events that drives Kleasen to committing these murders.

Bitterness, plus mental health issues, plus access to an arsenal doesn’t usually end well.


The Puzzle of Kleasen Is Pieced Together The Real Texas Chainsaw Massacre Netflix

You’ll start to see the picture coming together after hearing account about abuse of his wife, his wife eventually fleeing to escape the abuse, and more.

Without giving too much away, The Real Texas Chainsaw Massacre was an enjoyable watching experience overall.

You will learn the story of someone you probably never knew existed and it will allow you to broaden your knowledge base of Hardcore True Crime in general.

I appreciate you stopping by to get another peek into The Darker Side of Humanity.

Feel free to leave any comments below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!

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