There could be no other pain a parent could experience that would compare to losing a child, it may somehow be better if known to already dead at least perhaps they can move on once they’ve past grievance and acceptance. But in the case of Andrew Gosden’s twelve years of missing case until now, may have placed his parents, families and friends in focusing to his search and it may be dedicatedly showing love for him but the fact that this had stolen a lot of time for them to have been living in peace, is more than painful and that only hopes to see Andrew alive after all these years of searching may have been the main reason for them to just keep going.


                             Called by his family with the nickname “Roo”, Andrew Gosden is the 14 year old kid from Doncaster, South Yorkshire who bought a one-way ticket to London from Doncaster Station and mysteriously vanished in September 14, 2007.

                             There were many assumptions and reports sighting of him in London, as the investigation rolls out in hopes that Andrew would be found. His parents, relatives, friends and the public had been diligently helping each other seeking leads that would point to his whereabouts but to no avail, Andrew is still missing until now.

                             Just a little back ground what kind of a kid Andrew were, I have quoted some statements and excerpts from Wikipedia;

“Andrew Gosden was a gifted student with a 100% attendance record at The McAuley Catholic High School. He was on the Young Gifted and Talented Programme, which was designed to enhance the educational development of the top five percent of school pupils,[7][8] and he had been expected to score straight A’s in his GCSE examinations. Gosden was described as a prize-winning mathematician who seemed destined for Cambridge.[9][4] He was described as having a neutral attitude about school, hoping the upcoming school term would provide more of a challenge after having ‘cruised’ through his education thus far.[10] Gosden tended to reveal little about his school life to his parents.[11]

Gosden was described as being happy with his own company, but was not a loner as he had his own small group of like-minded friends.[9][4] However, Gosden’s family say that he did not socialise with his friends outside of school.[12] Gosden exhibited no signs of depression[13] and there were no indications that he had been subjected to bullying.[14]

                                            With this being said, Andrew Gosden is really a remarkable kid and his disappearance had place a question in everyone’s thought as to why would he left home? What could be his reason? Speculations and assumptions were not avoided specially by his parents that they themselves went to investigate possible links from Andrew’s interests in music. Including also visiting places that Andrew loves and appreciates, but nothing was found.

Figure 1 : This is the Photo Campaign of the Facebook Page Missing Andrew Gosden that is actively in constant engagement to activities that help missing kids be found. The photo shows a progression of how Andrew Gosden might look like after 12 years of missing up-to-date.

Figure 1 : This is the Photo Campaign of the Facebook Page Missing Andrew Gosden that is actively in constant engagement to activities that help missing kids be found. The photo shows a progression of how Andrew Gosden might look like after 12 years of missing up-to-date.

                             To date, the campaign in search for Andrew Gosden is still active and in July 2018, Gosden Family have posted a projected photo of him as eleven years had passed when he started missing, and when he turned 25 and in celebration of this, they have made a transitioned photo of how he may look like at present for the public to somehow identify him. Andrew Gosden is now 26 and still hasn’t been found.

                      On record, many other intellectual kids are reported missing all over the world and many could not understand the reason behind this phenomenon. Some have returned, some have been found, and some continues to be missing or hiding?


Based on the interviews and reports conducted preceding his disappearance to which Gosden Family described how Andrew was, and had been as a son, a brother and a bright kid in school, and even how his father attest on how Andrew is very familiar with the engineering of transportation in London, the question of;  Is he really missing? Is just way too far from the reality of the concept of what “missing” is all about, hence it had took until this day that Andrew still has not been found.

                             What I’m trying to say is that there is a great chance for a missing person to be found if he is not in control of his whereabouts, and this chance of finding what’s been missing is far from happening in reality if the one missing is hiding his identity and is elusive to authorities in search. Knowing the level of intelligence this kid Andrew has, then we can assume that he cannot be easily found despite reports of his appearances in various places as stated by witnesses.

                             Could it be that Andrew Gosden was influenced by one of his favorite television programme entitled “The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin”, where the main character Leonard Rossiter plays a role as a man who fakes his death in order to start a new life? Or perhaps Andrew is too silent that he bears a heavy thought about his life which he may have set this high standard of people’s views about him as something he really didn’t like. Was he pressured for being too smart and brainy? Not even the people qualified to claim that they know Andrew very well can tell why this kid left home, thus we take a look at the psychological view of general behaviors kids of Andrew’s type have and may be exhibiting that are not usually given a big deal by people around them because they somehow are focused so much with these brainy kid’s achievements.


                             If you have been classified as one being on top of every field you are into, like in your class or the whole school or university, or perhaps you perform best in your organization, and consistently get awards for a great job done, as if you are one who can do all things just as easy that most people seems to do it hard. You are indeed a skilled, talented and gifted and for sure many envy you for being this kind, but at the back of your mind, there are serious things that matters most to you more than your gifts and check if one of the following listed is what exactly bothers you that at times you wanted to be just alone all the rest of your life.

1. YOU AVOID INFLICTING EMOTIONAL PAIN TO OTHERS – Because you think and do better than the people around you, you tend to be selfless and give more understanding to maintain peace because you know that if you voice out what’s in your mind, you’d probably hurt the feelings of one or many. You being more intellectual shuts down any emotional issues within yourself but considers much of the emotion of others, which in the long run as years goes by, this shutdown emotions of yours subconsciously adds up to a bag of burden so huge that it takes a long time before you decide to unload it. Hence you are often found to be a silent type of person who thinks deep.

2. YOU FEAR REJECTION – Because all your life, you have been praised for being gifted, you grew up having this kind of environment who seems to accept you totally and every single person who knows you cannot help but look up to you for being this lovely with your gift. And you maintain that image by inhibiting yourself from doing what you really wanted to do specially at times that you need the permission of the authority like your parents, your brothers, your sisters, your husband or wife, your friends, your boss or just anyone who is concern about a matter you are interested with and that needs permission for you to get access, most of the time, you already presume that these authorities will not let you or grant the permission you wanted, and perhaps in your mind you consider the possibility that these people may have a negative notion about you if you insist and because you know they will not be able to understand your purpose, so you keep it to yourself and continue to be silent.

3. YOU HATE ARGUMENTS – Being the silent type and have all your mind work before you act, you are one who avoids argument as you believe that you understand more than the one you are to argue with. You definitely know that you can never have the satisfaction of being totally understood even if these people say they do understand. And so you act definitely okay with an idea that doesn’t really interest you.

4. YOU ARE DILIGENT AND PASSIONATE – Being you, an intellectual person, you put interesting ideas you have in mind into action and you silently overcome obstacles and challenges to get the result you wanted that you keep within yourself for a long time before deciding to show it. People at most wonder how you are able to do things on your own. This is because you don’t ever want to bother anyone as much as you don’t want to be bothered with your own stuffs.

5. YOU FEEL ALONE AND PREFER TO BE ALONE – Intellectual persons do not boast what gifts they have, it’s just so natural to them that even if they do it normally as they do, people cannot help but notice it and comments about it. Despite being praised and despite being looked up to as someone reliable in all things, you as an intellectual being really feel alone because in your mind, you may have imagined to be on the shoes of other people who have been compared as someone with less ability than you are. And you do understand the nature of most people that if not because of your gifts and talents, you may just be bullied, rejected and even out-casted just as the others.

6. YOU DON’T GIVE YOUR TRUST 100% – You are the type of person who may count on someone but does not give your full trust that results will be delivered just the way you want it done. You know that you can always do better. So you tend to resort in doing things on your own. You prefer to work alone than being with a team to avoid further loss of your precious time that is actually lacking for you to do what is more important to you.

7. YOUR CURIOSITY LEVEL IS WAY TOO HIGH – You have the tendency to put yourself in danger just to get the answer you are looking for. You are secretly adventurous, very keen in observing your environment and you love to experiment your life.

8. YOU DON’T HAVE ENOUGH TIME FOR YOURSELF – Since everyone knows you can do all things at ease, favors and requests just keeps coming from different people, and because you fear rejection, you don’t reject them as well, and do these requests as soon as you can, and in fact you have these requests done first before ever doing your own thing. So people think you are always busy with your own thing but it isn’t actually your thing that you’re working on, it’s for someone. And since you only have little time left for the day to do things for yourself you often adjust by taking less sleep, sacrificing other activities that interests you or perhaps just accept within yourself that you cannot do these things for you anymore. And no one knows that this creates stress for you that at times you think of going somewhere away from these people.

                             If you relate to the qualities listed above, then probably you are intellectual. And it would be nice of you to comment down and share what you think and what motives you actually have for doing what you do that most people don’t understand.


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