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Sad Anime

Sad Anime today is extremely popular all over the world. Various genres of this peculiar art form leave their imprints on the plots, often determining the general manner of construction or the key milestones of the series. In this article, we will present to your attention the Best Sad Anime That Will Make You Cry.

GoGoAnime – Now and then even one death in anime movies can cloud the entire series with sadness. Maybe the saddest anime death in the majority of the anime goes to Maes Hughes from Fullmetal Alchemist. The funeral and burial scene is famous for making individuals cry, particularly when Hughes‘ little girl Elicia begins to ask her mother where daddy is (the scene is incorporated underneath on the off chance that you need to watch it).

Is it true that we are feeling the loss of an extremely tragic or discouraging anime that you feel has the right to be here? Feel free to add it to my anime list! How despairing something makes you feel is emotional, so don’t be afraid to include a dark or less referenced anime boy.

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Sad Anime | Best Sad Anime That Will Make You Cry | GoGoAnime

1. The saddest anime about love:

Among the saddest animes, where the main theme is love, the following can be distinguished. “The Kenshin Tramp: Memories” is an OVA directed by Kazuhiro Furuhashi, released in 1999. The anime takes place in Japan in the 19th century. The country is divided by the hostility of clans. The main character, Sinta, was sold into slavery while still very small.

Traveling around the country, its owners were ambushed – everyone was killed, and Sintu was saved by a passing soldier. The boy becomes a disciple of his savior, turns into a master of the sword and takes the name Kenshin. The hero cannot share the secluded life of the teacher; he wants to benefit the country. To do this, he enters into one of the clans and becomes a killer. However, a meeting on a night street with a mysterious woman brought confusion into his soul.

The saddest anime about love

“In the Forest of Twinkling Fireflies” is a 2011 short film directed by Omori Takahiro. The anime tells of a six-year-old girl named Hotaru, who accidentally got lost in a magical forest. Wandering in an enchanted place, she meets a boy named Gin, who wears a mask and appears to be a forest spirit. The anime boy warns Hotaru that from any touch a person can disappear. Gin helps the anime girl get out of the forest.

The next day, Hotaru decides to return and thank the spirit. And this is repeated from year to year. Until the girl turned into a girl. “Vampire Knight” – Best anime by Marie Okada, released in 2008. Actions take place at the Cross Academy – a very prestigious private educational institution. There are 2 departments: day and night. Ordinary people study in the daytime, and the night is for the elite. However, most students and teachers are not aware that privileged students are vampires.

Yuki and Zero are daytime wardens, it is their responsibility to ensure that no one knows the secret of the night department. “5 centimeters per second” is a full-length anime by Shinkai Makoto. The film tells about the love that began in childhood and which the main character has kept in his heart for life. My anime list consists of three parts, which describe the various stages of the life of the protagonist Takaki.

2. Canon


Completes the list of the saddest anime animated series “Canon”. It was filmed by director Ito Naoyuki in 2002. According to Eastern wisdom, not a single act of a person passes without a trace, any act affects the existence of the Universe. The main character, Yuchi Aizawa, is a 17-year-old guy who returns to the town where he spent his childhood. However, he does not remember anything about his past. But here the memory begins to gradually return to him. The young man anime settles in the house of his aunt Akiko and cousin Nayuki, recognizes and goes to a new school. Here he finds friends, but it gradually turns out that he has already met with all of them.

3. Restless Hearts

Restless Hearts

This is the saddest anime created by Wannabe Tetsuya. The animated series was released in 2003 and consists of 12 episodes. He talks about the life of an ordinary high school student named Takayuki Narumi. He does not stand out against the general background – communicates with classmates, prepares for exams. He has three friends: Mickey Hayashi, an incredible badass; Shinji Taira, childhood friend; Haruka Suzumiya, a quiet, calm anime girl. And everything was wonderful until Mickey told Takayuki that Haruka was in love with him. The protagonist treats both the girl as friends and nothing more. But time passes, and both of them begin to fight for the young man’s love. Takayuki is trying to please both, which ultimately leads to a terrible tragedy.

4. Grave of fireflies

Grave of fireflies

This is the saddest anime dedicated to the events of World War II. The film was based on the autobiographical book of Akiyuki Nosaki, in which he describes the death of his family. The picture tells about a young boy named Saita, who, together with his little sister Setsuka, was left completely alone because their mother was killed and his father was at the front. Children have to survive on their own. Soon his sister becomes ill, and then information about the surrender of Japan comes. Saita is in despair

5. Wolf Rain

Wolf Rain

The post-saddest anime Toshitsugu Iida, released in 2003. After numerous disasters and wars, the land turned into a lifeless desert. Civilization is on the decline. A group of aristocrats took control of the remaining natural resources and technology. In cities protected by domes, the remaining people live in terrible conditions. There is an ancient legend: when the end of the world comes, wolves can find a way to paradise.

But wolves are considered extinct for a long time, no one has seen them for 2 centuries. However, some of the hunters know that the wolves survived, having adapted to live side by side with people. But can they find the coveted paradise and escape from the end of the world? The saddest anime moments in the Wolf Rain, perhaps, are the final scenes when the heroes try to resist the aristocrat Darcia, who turned into a wolf, and save Cesu – their key to paradise. In general, the anime talks about the destruction of the world by people themselves, about the selfish impulses of mankind and his desire to survive at all costs.

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