Charles Harrelson – Hitman

Charles Harrelson Hitman

Many of you have most likely heard of an actor named Woody Harrelson. He has starred in movies such as Out of the Furnace, The Hunger Games series, Zombieland, and many more. A little known fact about him is that his biological father was a professional hitman. Yup, you read that correctly. A professional hitman. His name was Charles Harrelson.

In Woody’s own words below:

The Introduction to a Professional Hitman

Charles Voyde Harrelson was born on July 23, 1938 in Lovelady, Texas. Throughout the course of his life he had four wives, and worked as an encyclopedia salesman and professional gambler.

Whether or not those were part-time cover jobs is unknown but according to his son, he was allegedly a CIA assassin.

In 1960 he was convicted for armed robbery and a year later Woody was born. Eight years later, Charles Harrelson was arrested for the murder of Alan Berg but would later be aquitted by a jury of his peers.

David Berg, the brother of Alan Berg wrote a book about his perspective of how Alan’s murder affected him and his family called Run, Brother Run.

Second Murder Trial

Also in 1968 he was tried for another murder of one Sam Degalia. Due to the jury not being able to make a consensus either way, he didn’t go to jail that year. After being re-tried in 1973 he was convicted and sentenced to serve a 15 year sentence.

He ended up serving barely a third of the 15 years because apparently he was a model prisoner. He was released early after serving only 5 years.

The Short Stretch of “Good Behavior”

So now it’s 1978 and he hadn’t been arrested. Maybe he was busy selling encyclopedias during this clean stretch.

The span of good behavior didn’t last long because in 1979 he found himself in the middle of yet another murder trial. This time it was for the killing of a federal judge. You aren’t even supposed to raise your voice at a judge, let alone murder one for pay or otherwise.

U.S. District Judge John H. Wood Jr. was notorious for giving heavy sentences for drug offenses and therefore had a bad reputation among the criminal population that was aware of this fact.

Hired To Kill A Federal Judge

Charles Harrelson was hired by a drug dealer named Jamiel Chagra to eliminate the judge in order to avoid serving a life sentence in prison.

Harrelson was arrested for the hit based off recorded communications between Chagra and his brother during a prison visit.

Charles got sentenced to 2 life sentences and one of his wives also was convicted on charges of being an accomplice to the murder.

As you saw in the video of Woody Harrelson above, he did his best to have his father’s verdict overturned but was ultimately unable to do so.

Prison Escape Attempt

In 1995 Charles was caught attempting to escape with two other inmates but the attempt proved unsuccessful and he was transferred to another prison.

He didn’t seem to have much of a problem with his new living situation and I wonder how much of that had to do with him growing accustomed to the prison lifestyle, which happens sometimes to habitual offenders where they get to the point where they feel more at home in prison than they do in the outside world.

JFK Assassination Confession

There have also been speculations that he might have been involved in the JFK assassination, most likely due to a drug addled confession he made in 1980 during a 6 hour standoff with the police. Here’s an excerpt from a prison interview.

In his own words:

Without getting too much into the JFK assassination conspiracy, it does seem like Charles might know something that we don’t.

He later recanted his JFK confession stating that he was not in his right mind during the above mentioned stand off added to the alleged drugs he was under the influence of at the time.

Also, this is just speculation, but I think it’s possible that he might’ve been somehow involved in the assassination although I can’t prove that with confidence.

Even in light of his recantation of the confession, there might be more to the story than him not being in his right mind.

Whether or not he was one of the shooters is not my place to say either way. It has been proven that he was there at the grassy knoll in Dealey Plaza though.

The Death of a Hitman

After all the hard living and stress Charles died at the age of 68 by way of heart attack in 2007. He was found dead in his cell in Florence, Colorado’s ADX Florence supermax prison.

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