Behavioral Psychology

Behavioral psychology, also known as behaviorism, focuses mainly on analyzing the connections that can be drawn between environmental factors and behavior.

Behavioral Psychology

Nature vs. Nurture

This brings us to the classic argument of whether nature or nurture is more useful for predicting an individuals future behavior.

My personal opinion is that the “nurture” part plays a bigger role in shaping someone’s personality, thought patterns, and ultimately, behavior.

There are so many personal intricacies that make up each of us as human beings. One person might react to the exact same stimuli in a completely different way than someone else might.

Someone who had a difficult childhood might end up being a successful stand-up comedian, while another who had an equally difficult childhood, could end up in prison for committing multiple murders.

You see where I’m going with this.

This section will be dedicated to exploring the events leading up to the moment where a disturbed mind turns into a homicidal mind.

No one has the answer at the end of the day to solve the sickness that is born from an abusive childhood, but we can educate ourselves to at least gain a better understanding right?