American Serial Killers

American Serial Killers

For some reason, we all seem to have an extreme fascination with the morbid. American serial killers are among some of the most-talked-about murderers in this area of interest.

Crime stories on social media we see as we scroll through our Facebook feed capture our attention.

Graphic accounts of horrible human beings that got away with murder. (Sometimes more than once).

This is why I’ve decided to set aside a separate page simply to uncover this phenomenon and hopefully get some clarity about why Americans, in particular, seek out this type of information.

Is True Crime an American Phenomenon?

Do we produce a disproportionate amount of people who grow up to murder more than one person?

Does it have anything to do with our public education system, court system, or general way of life here?

Who Wants to Be the Scapegoat?

Who should take the blame, if anyone, for producing maniacal killing machines, who only stop once they’re caught in the act?

Should the media be held accountable for contributing to the exposure of such horrific acts?

American Serial Killers

Follow Me Into The Catacombs of Horror

All this, and more, will be discussed within the halls of Hardcore True Crime.

Put your reading glasses on, ladies and gentlemen, and follow me into the dark abyss of humanity.