About Me

Hardcore True CrimeI’m Dom and I’d like to welcome you to your new home for True Crime research and information.

I’ll do my best to present everything as objectively as I can, although I will insert some personal commentary and opinion in here and there to keep it entertaining.

The Darker Side of Humanity

Over time I have developed a strong interest in learning about The Darker Side of Humanity. I can’t really tell you why or where that interest comes from, only that it exists within me.

We, as human beings, often fear what we cannot understand so maybe that’s partially where our fascination comes from.

The chances of you or I being abducted and tortured by an active serial killer are pretty low but there are current stats that say about 800,000 missing persons are reported every year in the United States.

This is a staggering estimation, considering if you asked the average person how many people they thought were reported missing every year, their guesses would largely fall short of that number.

An Armchair Psychologist with a Thirst For Discovery

Anyways, the psychological aspect and mental health components are really what draw me into the study of why people do what they do. You could say I’m somewhat of an armchair psychologist, but keep in mind I don’t like spreading misinformation, therefore I only report/repeat facts that can be based in reality.

Psychology is still a highly debated subject as far as what can actually be proven with tangible evidence versus what is a good theory that can be proven sometimes but not necessarily with solid results over and over again.

My Hope For You

At the end of the day, my only hope is that when you stumble across this website, you leave feeling a little bit more illuminated on the subjects we’ll be covering. I also hope you continue on to do your own research as well.

Once again, thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoy your time here at Hardcore True Crime.