A Death In Belmont – Finish Chewing Your Food Before Reading!

A Death In Belmont Summary

Unraveling The Boston Strangler

A Death In Belmont by Sebastian Junger is a work of nonfiction that explores the inner workings of a few unsuspecting chess pieces on a board who happen to cross paths. Whether by chance or by fate, and whether they’d like to or not.

How many disturbed souls walk among us on a daily basis without hardly causing a ripple in the pond of society?

False, or Forced Confessions

As with most cases of suspected serial killings, more than one individual finds himself either confessing to, or being convicted of murders that were committed by another suspect still at large. This is exactly what happened in the case of the notorious Boston Strangler.

Roy Smith’s Conviction

Roy Smith, although having somewhat of a lengthy rap sheet, was mislabeled as a careful, calculating monster despite an almost complete lack of evidence. The rush by the police force, to hold someone responsible, allowed the actual Boston Strangler to continue viciously killing more and more women until the final body count reached a total of 13 victims. Then again, can the police force really be expected to take the full blame for the actions of a sick and diseased mind?

DeSalvo’s Personal Connection with Junger’s Immediate Family

The personal connection with the author’s immediate family offers chilling insight into close encounters with a cold-blooded murderer.

Have you ever hired an active serial murderer to do carpentry work on the place you call home? Have you fed him lunch, or given him access to your basement, only to learn afterwards that you were rubbing elbows with such a man?


The Darker Side of Humanity

The psychology lurking in the shadows of a desperate mind and tortured soul often end up wreaking havoc in the physical realm of society. 

Junger goes into vivid detail of each murder throughout A Death In Belmont leaving no holds barred.

If you decide to pick up this book, just remember to finish chewing your food before reading!

My Recommendation – Read The Book

I highly recommend this book to anyone who’s interested in learning more about one of the most notorious cases of serial killings. If you’re interested in reading more about it, click the image on the left! Let the author do the talking, all I can do is point you in the right direction.

If you’ve already read this book, feel free to leave some comments below and I’ll be sure to respond, thanks for traveling to The Darker Side of Humanity with me. 

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